Edge-lit graphics are a unique custom feature that Quadrant2Design are very proud of! High-quality acrylic is engraved with your logo or graphics and those engravings are lit up within a dark backdrop, creating the illusion of a floating logo or graphic.

The graphics are intricately engraved and lit up at the edges using LEDs. It can be engraved with any custom design, logo, or shape you want. As light passes through the etching, it illuminates the design and creates a fantastic attention-grabbing feature.

Giving your stand a unique futuristic look, this feature adds variety to your stand’s visual design, drawing the attention of visitors and getting more eyes on your stand. The lighting can be programmed with a variety of colours and, with thousands to choose from, you can simply pick the colour that best suits your brand. The lights can also be programmed to cycle through multiple colours, introducing eye-catching movement to this unique feature.

To discuss your exhibition stand project, please email us at design@quadrant2design.com, or call on 01202 723 500.